Borders CEO's Goodbye Email To His Customers

Mike Edwards, the CEO of the liquidating Borders bookstores emailed a farewell note to all Borders Rewards Members last night. In it, he looked back at the over 40 years of bookselling and imagination-stoking the chain has done and explained why they were closing down. Beyond the sentiments, he also explained some important things you’ll want to know if you want to buy some books from them before they close their doors for good.

Three things:

1) They’ll let you use gift cards during the liquidation sale
2) Borders Rewards Plus discounts are good through August 5th
3) Borders Bucks will be accepted until July 31

He didn’t mention that closing and liquidating sales are usually feeding frenzies where all the prices are set back to MSRP and the discounts start from that point and that by the time there’s actually good discounts all the bones have already been picked over — but you already knew that.

It’s sad to see a bookstore go out of business. Books saved my life. I hope that new models for distributing literature will surpass the struggling national book chains in terms of reach, numbers, and impact and keep the love of reading alive.


(Thanks to Dan!)

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