Truck Toting 40,000 Pounds Of Watermelons Overturns On Freeway

The bad news is that a semi hauling 40,000 pounds of watermelons overturned. The good news? None of the delightful summer treats spilled out onto the roadway. We hope they’re okay!

And well, there was more bad news for travelers in northwest Indiana — the accident occurred on the ramp from northbound I-65 to westbound I-80 Tuesday morning, reports the Chicago Tribune, shutting down two lanes of the ramp.

The truck driver says he was cut off by a car which then had the audacity to brake in front of him and his precious cargo. The driver, Michael Kangas, 37, of Jordan, Minn., was cited for driving too fast to avoid a collision and failing to properly secure his load.

Though the melons didn’t escape, police said they’d be off-loaded and the truck removed. So if you’re waiting for watermelons in Morris, Ill., you might have to wait awhile longer.

Thanks to Dan H. for the tip!

Truck with 40,000 pounds of watermelon overturns [Chicago Tribune]

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