Personal Finance Roundup

Where is the Best Place to Invest $102,000 — In Stocks, Bonds, or a College Degree? [Brookings] “On average, the benefits of a four-year college degree are equivalent to an investment that returns 15.2 percent per year.”

Best tech deals — plus 4 expert picks [CNN Money] “If you are comfortable with a year-old product, you can get some amazing deals without sacrificing quality.”

How to Prepare for Higher Taxes [Smart Money] “Whatever the pols in Washington decide about the debt ceiling, experts see higher taxes ahead.”

Your Dog’s Diet Could Cost You and Your Dog [Sustainable Personal Finance] “Have you ever taken a close look at what is in your dog’s diet? Well, you should.”

How To Find A Credit Counselor [Investopedia] “If you find yourself in debt and falling behind on important bills, credit counseling can be a financial lifesaver.”


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