Firms Start To Offer Bedbug Insurance

Image courtesy of (Belinda Hankins Miller)

If you suspect there are bedbugs crawling around you when you’re trying to get to sleep, it’s tough find peace of mind. But some businesses are trying to sell people some easier sleep by offering bedbug insurance.

The L.A. Times reports two national brokerage firms have started offering the service. A representative from one of the companies says it’s trying to stay ahead of the game:

“You’ve got legislators in the state of New York Assembly who are trying to make this mandatory that insurance companies do this. So we figured, ‘You know what, we’re going to beat everyone to the punch.”

The policies could become attractive to hotels, which must pay between $600 and $800 to rid each infested room of the unwanted bedfellows.

What’s the most unorthodox insurance policy you own?

As Bedbugs Multiply, New Insurance Plans Crop Up [L.A. Times]

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