Co-Eds Say It's Sexier If You Have Health Insurance

According to a new survey, 90% of college students say that they were attracted to someone and then found out they had health insurance, they would be more likely to be more attracted to him or her. So forget shopping for sexy lingerie, or perfecting your conversational skills, if you really want to attract the ladies or the fellas, you should call a health insurance broker or get a job with health benefits.

Predictably, the survey was sponsored by ehealthinsurance, a site where you can shop for health insurance. When you look at the order of the survey questions you also have to wonder if respondents were primed to answer in the positive to that question. The questions that came before that asked the students to describe their current health insurance coverage and how long they expected to be financially supported by their parents after college.

Either way, it’s still definitely a plus as a little cherry on top when your credentials are getting evaluated by potential mates. “AND.. he has health insurance!” “Oh! Sounds like a keeper!”

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