Liposuction Doctor Convicted Of 2 Murders, Manslaughter In Practice

Liposuction turned fatal for three Phoenix patients, and the allegedly sloppy doctor who worked on them was convicted of second-degree murder in two deaths, and manslaughter in another. He’ll be sentenced Aug. 19.

The Arizona Republic reports the doctor, who was certified as an internist, never served residencies in plastic surgery or anesthesiology. The prosecution said the doctor’s operation lacked proper equipment and that he had a massage therapist and former restaurant worker assist him, rather than nurses and anesthesiologists.

The judge sided with the Deputy County Attorney’s insistence that the doctor was culpable of second-degree murder and manslaughter because he showed “extreme indifference to human life” and a “conscious disregard of substantial and unjustified risk of death.”

If you’ve had plastic surgery, what sort of research did you do on the doctor?

Liposuction deaths: Phoenix area doctor convicted of murder, manslaughter [The Arizona Republic]

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