Warning: Do Not Buy A Pet While You Are Drunk

Oh, it happens far more often than any of us are willing to admit. You go out one evening and have a few drinks too many, and the next thing you know, you wake up to find a strange beagle in your bed, wagging its tail, and a credit card receipt from a pet store. Dog? What dog? You never wanted a dog…at least, not when you’re sober. This scenario is enough of an actual problem for some Manhattan pet stores located near bars and clubs that they will turn away customers who have clearly been drinking.

Adopting a pet should never be an impulse decision, but booze and cute critters mix very, very well, and the intoxicated fall in love with puppies or kitties without any of the troublesome “thinking about the consequences” that people do while sober.

“If the person is completely drunk, I won’t sell them the dog … or I say they can’t leave with the dog that day….I can see it in their eyes if they’ve been drinking,” the manager of one store told the New York Daily News.

Tax Cat, Holiday Cat, and the Consumerist K9 Unit have also asked me to point out that acquiring your pet from a rescue or shelter instead of a pet store is not only a cheaper option, but it also saves animals’ lives. Just don’t get drunk first.

West Village pet stores refuse to sell puppies to boozehounds making impulse buys [NY Daily News] (Thanks, Howard!)

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