My UPS Driver Is Either An Unfrozen Caveman Or Animal From The Muppets

Consumerist reader Morgan doesn’t quite know how to feel about the words her UPS driver chose to describe her.

Morgan used the Consumerist Tipster iPhone app to send us this note:

Dear Consumerist, I have a good friend whose life is deeply affected by a UPS driver who refuses to ring the doorbell at this apartment and instead just leaves notes. Instead of dealing with that nonsense every time he wants to use Amazon Prime, he sends his crap to my house, where we have a nice UPS guy who will leave the packages in a secure location if we don’t answer the door. The other day, such a package arrived, and I didn’t have time to answer the door before the delivery guy put the box in our hiding place.

With that in mind, please explain this note on the tracking page. It indicates that he, “Met Customer Woman.”
A) He did not meet me. I heard him place the box in the hiding place.
B) Customer woman? Here are my two theories:

    1) I am a superhero called “Customer Woman.”
    2) My UPS guy is an unfrozen cave man… or perhaps Animal from the Muppets.

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