National Sheriffs' Association Wants ISPs To Keep Web Surfing Logs For 18 Months

If a law enforcement trade association gets its way, a federal law will require internet service providers to maintain logs of all web addresses customers visit for 18 months. The information would be used to prosecute crimes.

CNET quotes a Virginia sheriff’s comments during a Tuesday U.S. House of Representatives hearing on the issue:

“The limited data retention time and lack of uniformity among retention from company to company significantly hinders law enforcement’s ability to identify predators when they come across child pornography.”

Other bills pushing for similar mandates have been introduced in the last five years, but those efforts were shot down due to concerns that they violated civil liberties.

What role do you think ISPs should play in helping law enforcement officers maintain online evidence?

Police: Internet providers must keep user logs [CNET via Slashdot]

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