Lawsuit Accusing Starbucks Of Denying Tips Dismissed

A group of former assistant managers of New York Starbucks sued the company, saying it violated state labor laws by denying them tips. A U.S. District judge stiffed the workers, dismissing the suit because they didn’t show they had the right to the gratuities.

According to Q13 Fox Seattle, the judge’s ruling seems to endorse Starbucks policy, which lets part-time hourly workers partake of the tips. Assistant managers are salaried and receive benefits and thus aren’t allowed to collect tips, but those who filed the lawsuit believed they were entitled to tips because they performed the same duties as employees deemed tip-able. The employees said Starbucks forced them to put tips they received into pools that spread the funds among eligible workers.

Does the knowledge that an assistant manager can’t receive a tip change the way you’ll go about tipping at Starbucks?

Starbucks wins dismissal of tips lawsuit [Q13 Fox Seattle]
(Thanks, Harper!)

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