Bank Of America Disapproves Of My Spending Habits

Like a watchful, overprotective parent, Bank of America sees Alexander’s spending habits and disapproves of them. Whenever he makes a debit card purchase over $50, they put a hold on his card. “They told me that I should stop spending my money at an exuberant rate,” he notes. What?

I just recently moved to the University of Florida from Fort Myers. Six times in the last month BOA has put a hold on my debit card whenever I make a purchase over 50 dollars. I have called, all six times to clear up the situation and they told me that I should stop spending my money at an exuberant rate.

I am employed, no bills to pay. I think I can spend my money on whatever I want. However this time BOA put a hold on my account two days ago. Failed to notify me and then canceled my card. I had to call them to give me a new one which should come in the mail in 5-10 business days. So while I am without a debit card I have to use my credit card, at least I thought I could.

Apparently I was spending to much money buying 1.25 sodas at the gas station in Gainesville that BOA thought my card was stolen. So I had to call them to get that card off its hold as well. BOA is a joke.

Why are you so controlling and judgmental, Bank of America? Can’t you just leave college students to waste their money however they like in peace?

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