Man Racks Up 10 Million United Airlines Miles

A United Airlines customer became the first of the airline’s passengers to pile up 10 million frequent flyer miles. He flies so often that United’s customer service reps recognize his voice. He had a Boeing 747-400 named in his honor and received United’s first Titanium United Mileage Plus card, which has perks United refuses to publicize.

CNN reports the man has flown on 6,000 United flights since 1982.

The flyboy, a Chicago-based auto industry consultant, tells CNN that he loves world travel, racking up 4 million miles alone going back and forth between the U.S. and Australia, and is addicted to flying,:

“If I go a week or two without flying, I get really jumpy and really antsy because I find so much solace, so much peace when I fly. I’m so relaxed.”

Which frequent flyer programs do you find worthwhile?

Traveler flies high with 10 million miles [CNN]

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