Phoenix Suburb Plans To Turn Dog Waste Into Electricity

(Warning: This post includes Tucson-Phoenix sh*t talking). I’m not sure what sort of reputation the Phoenix area has in the rest of the country, but those in my hometown of Tucson associate the locality with dog excrement. Officials in the Phoenix suburb of Gilbert are making the best of their bumper crop by planning to use dog poop as a power source for a street lamp at a dog park.

The Arizona Republic reports the plan comes from — where else — Arizona State University, renowned for its dog poop academic reputation. The town will look to dig up a corporate sponsor to fund the $25,000 project, which will convert the waste into methane gas. A former Gilbert councilwoman who’s pushing the project says she hopes the project catches on and spreads across the country.

What’s the most inventive alternative energy project you’ve come across?

Gilbert’s Cosmo Dog Park canine waste would fuel street lamp in project [The Arizona Republic]

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