Newlyweds: TSA Ruined Our Honeymoon Over Bottle Of Contact Lens Solution

If the last decade has taught us two things it’s that Port Columbus International Airport in Ohio is a prime entry point for terrorists and that a bottle of saline merits a lengthy talking-to from the Transportation Security Administration. Oh, wait… scratch both of those.

While that might all be complete BS, someone apparently didn’t tell the TSA screeners at Port Columbus. A couple of newlyweds say they were detained by screeners just long enough to miss their plane and subsequent honeymoon cruise.

The couple, en route from Columbus, OH, to a cruise ship in Florida, say they arrived around 75 minutes before their flight was scheduled to depart. But at the security checkpoint, the bottle of contact solution in their carry-on bag tagged them instantly as terrorists.

They say there were then detained another 30 to 45 minutes while TSA, rather than just throw out the bottle and tell the couple to have a nice honeymoon, brought in staff and equipment to test it.

The mysterious liquid was eventually deemed A-OK and the couple was released. Unfortunately, their plane had left without them, meaning they couldn’t make their cruise.

The newlyweds weren’t going to be completely put off from celebrating their nuptials. They used frequent flier miles given to them by their parents for a trip to Las Vegas.

The couple say they are now trying to get at least some of their money back after this fiasco.

Local Couple Held By TSA; Miss Flight & Honeymoon Cruise []

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