Few Pirated Titles Named In Copyright Infringement Case Against CBS Interactive

A copyright lawsuit against CBS Interactive, the parent company of CNET, claims the company helped others infringe on copyrights by promoting and profiting on LimeWire downloads via Download.com in 2008. But when asked to provide a list of songs and movies that CNET allegedly helped others pirate, the plaintiffs came up with only six obscure titles: one movie (2007’s Fish Tales) and five songs which don’t yet have U.S. copyright registration.

Wired reports the lawsuit, led by a group of rappers, could still be worth $900,000 — $150,000 for each title — plus legal fees. The suit claims CNET provided how-to videos and articles that helped users locate copyrighted material to download. CBS lawyers said they remain confident they will prevail.

‘Massive’ Copyright Lawsuit Against CNET Shrivels [Wired]

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