Burger King Launches All-Whopper Channel On DirecTV

Looking for something to watch but don’t really like shows with scripts, actors or dramatic arcs? Then Burger King and DirecTV have come up with a channel for you, especially if you want a free Whopper.

On DirecTV’s channel 111, viewers are treated to the sight of a the chain’s signature sandwich, rotating on a grill as its licked by flames from below. If you manage to stick it out for five minutes, you get a free Whopper. Another 10 minutes will score you a second. 15 minutes more than that (30 in total) will earn you a trio of sandwiches.

But you can’t just leave the station on and walk away. Every few minutes, a message pops up cuing the watcher to press a random button on the remote, lest the clock be reset.

The channel is the brainfart of BK’s ad agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky, who will soon be parting ways with the fast food chain after years of making bizarre ads together.

“It’s amazing how easily brands give away their products on platforms such Facebook. I understand wanting to attract ‘likes’… but there’s ways to interact with consumers without gutting the value of your product,” says CP+B’s Interactive Group Creative Director. “People are willing to do a lot to get their hands on whopper.”

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