BK Splits With Agency That Gave Us Creepy King

The King has fired his jester. Burger King is parting ways with its ad agency, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, with whom it has worked since 2004. While the work never succeeded in toppling McDonald’s as number 1 hamburger slinger, it certainly recreated Burger King in the consumer mindspace and helped usher in a new era of advertising. Adfreak rounds up what they think are the 15 most quintessential CP+B+BK ads. I’d have to agree with their top pick, the infamous “Whopper Virgins” series where they brought Burger King and McDonald’s hamburgers to remote Thai hill villagers and Transylvanian farmers and videotaped their taste test.

Why this one? Its mix of controversy, mega-budget, colossal ambition, social and digital reach, and dubious results makes it perfectly emblematic of Crispin and Burger King’s relationship. The only thing that would have made it better would be if at the end The King showed up wearing the participant’s ethnic garb and clears their dishes for them.

Burger King was purchased 6 months ago by an investment firm, 3G Capital. It has since gotten a new CEO and its chief marketing officer left, reports Adweek.

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