Use The Free Consumerist Tipster App To Send Us Photos Straight From Your iPhone

A few of you have already noticed that we recently released an early version of our new Consumerist Tipster app for iPhone. So, even though it’s still a work in progress, we figured it was time to let everyone know about it.

Tipster provides a free, fun, and simple way to send photos us any scams, rip-offs, shoddy products, deals, hilarious signs or freebies you might come across during your travels.

Just take the photo, add a comment and tell us your level of irritation/frustration/amusement (see the helpful icons below).

Your image and text will be sent directly to the editors for review.

Keep in mind that Tipster is a work in progress. Some features we’d like to add in future versions include Flickr intergration and an Android version. So now is the time to test it out, tell us what functionality you’d like to see in future updates.

Consumerist Tipster [iTunes Store]

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