Boston Mayor Calls Out Nike For "Get High" T-Shirts

Boston’s mayor has asked Nike to stop its use of questionable phrases on a line of new t-shirts. The phrases “get high,” “dope” and “ride pipe” all have double meanings pertaining to drugs, the mayor complains. An anti-drug group sent a similarly themed letter to several members of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy.

In a story culled from wire reports, a Nike spokesperson said the naysayers have got the shoe giant all wrong:

“Sport is an antidote to drugs,” Nike spokeswoman Erin Dobson said in a statement. “There is no better adrenalin rush than catching a wave or landing a trick. The language is the same that skaters, BMX’ers and surfers use every day around the world.”

The Nike spokesperson is apparently convinced that BMX’ers and surfers are notoriously drug-free.

Do you think Nike should cater to its critics and get rid of the slogans?

Boston mayor condemns Nike ‘Get High’ T-shirts [AP via STATS LLC, CBS Sports]

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