American Airlines' New Boarding Procedure Causing "Complete Chaos"

In May, American Airlines changed its previous boarding procedures. No longer were coach travelers herded onto the plane starting with passengers in the rear rows. Instead, ticketholders were boarded in order of who checked in first. While this was designed to cut back on line-waiting at the gate, American cabin crews say it has done nothing but wreak havoc inside the plane.

“More often than not the result is congested aisles, and Flight Attendants having to explain to the bewildered and already stressed passengers why there is complete chaos in the cabin,” writes the Association of Professional Flight Attendants in an online statement.

The APFA says that it has been getting reports from American Airlines attendants that gate agents, under pressure from their managers, have been requesting more early boardings because this new procedure takes more time.

A rep for the Airline defends the procedure to Bloomberg: “What we’re trying to do is expedite the passengers boarding the airplane… The whole process may take a little longer, but you’re not standing in line as long.”

We’re curious to hear from you frequent fliers out there if you’ve experienced American’s new boarding procedure and whether or not the flight attendants’ assessment is accurate.

American Airlines change is ‘chaos’ []

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