FedEx Delivers My Packages To The Garbage Can, Trash Collectors Deliver Packages To Back Of Garbage Truck

Consumerist reader Brooke’s FedEx packages have disappeared into the void, but not in the usual it-was-never-delivered-even-though-FedEx-says-it-was way. No, FedEx delivered her boxes — straight into her garbage can.

The driver even made note of this on the door tag he placed on Brooke’s back door. Unfortunately, by the time she actually saw the door tag, her friendly local trash collectors had made their appointed rounds and taken her packages with the rest of her refuse.

“Now FedEx tells me that the company that did the shipping has to file a missing package claim,” writes Brooke. “But the package isn’t missing, and shows up as delivered. I want my money back, or my packages, or, hell, both.”

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