Don't Bend Your iPod Back And Forth Until The Battery Explodes

Adolescence is a time for people to learn by doing, but here’s one bit of advice we’d like share with the future of America now: As tempting as it may be, don’t go bending your iPod — or really any electronic device — back and forth until it breaks, the battery explodes and the ambulances come.

Unfortunately, our words come too late for a New Hampshire high-schooler, who felt the need to mangle his iPod until the casing broke and the battery inside began sparking and smoking.

A second lesson we’ll share with the youth of today, if this happens, don’t pour water on your sparking and hissing iPod.

The class was evacuated and students in other rooms were put on a brief lockdown to keep them away from the fumes. Two students were transported to area hospitals as a precaution. Both are expected to be fine.

“These batteries actually can be dangerous,” said the local fire chief. “They can be very dangerous. If you breach the battery, they can cause an explosion that can cause a significant amount of fire.”

Students Taken To Hospital After iPod Battery Explodes []

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