Delta Traveler Says He Got Bag Back Reeking Of Urine

Sy has vowed to never fly Delta again after a colossal followup left his bag bouncing back and forth between three cities and two continents, and once he finally got his bag back, it stank of urine.

Sy posted a video about his baggage woes to YouTube. He pans the camera over the bags contents as he describes his ordeal. It shows his toiletry bag was also a total mess, with toothpaste squirted all over the inside and his aftershave missing from its box.

He says the problems began when he was leaving London’s Heathrow enroute to Minneapolis. The check-in clerk gave him a boarding pass for Boston instead, which Sy didn’t catch until after his bag was already on the conveyor belt. The clerk assured him the bag would be waiting for him at the gate but it wasn’t. Sy refused to get onboard without his bag and was then promised his bag would be located before it went to Boston.

Instead, the bag went to Boston where it was forwarded to Minneapolis. Sy took his flight and when he arrived in the Twin Cities, found out that his bag was sent back to London.

“The 2 folks working on the counter at MSP thought it was hilarious, to the point that one working there kept having to duck down beneath the counter to try and hide her laughter!” says Sy in the video, which has been covered by WTAM, and posted to Reddit, Gawker, and AOL Travel.

Finally after four days Sy got his bag back in its disgusting state. Sy says Delta his complaints have just been referred to Delta’s customer service line, which is constantly busy.

London’s Heathrow airport is infamous for having luggage problems, so much so that sometimes they let the baggage sit in piles outside, exposed to the elements. In 2007, one of our readers wrote in to say he got bag back after going through the Heathrow hellhole and it was damaged and his clothes soaked through, smelling of rot and mildew. After losing so many bags that passed through Heathrow, British Airways was even the subject of a class action lawsuit that year.

A rep for Delta responded to Sy in the comments on his video, saying, “I wanted to apologize that you were unable to successfully communicate with us regarding your situation. We want to talk more with you about this matter to figure out exactly what occurred. If it is determined that your bag has been mishandled in this way, know that we find this unacceptable. Let’s connect so we can determine our best course of action and how we can offer you resolution.”

We’ve also reached out to Delta for comment.

Thanks Delta Airlines for using my baggage as a toilet! [YouTube user syhaze] (Thanks to everyone who sent this in!)

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