Comcast To Give Shorter Windows For Its Service Techs To Not Show Up At Your House

Anyone who has spent a day, or two, or three, waiting for a cable service tech to show up knows that the “8 a.m. to noon” or “noon to 4 p.m.” window they were originally given is laughable. But Comcast says it has actually made improvements that will allow them to give customers two-hour windows during which its service techs will not show up.

Bloomberg reports that Kabletown CEO Brian Roberts believes that his company’s fancy new dispatch technology, including laptops and handheld devices given out to service techs, will actually guarantee on-time arrival, even within the shorter window.

“Xfinity service should mean something different than it did in the past,” said Roberts, effectively admitting (at least to our ears) that the Xfinity name is associated with no-shows and horrible service. “It should stand for better technology and better customer service.”

The new dispatch technology, which Comcast has been testing in Lancaster, PA, and Salt Lake City, lets service techs communicate with their regional coordinators about location and status of their job.

Wouldn’t a CB radio do that?

Anyway, we would love to see Comcast actually improve its service so we’re really hoping this works, if only to shake things up a little bit when it comes time for the Worst Company In America Tournament.

Comcast to Cut Wait Times for Cable Repair and Installation [Bloomberg]

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