McDonald's Employees Stand Outside New Sonic To Remind People McDonald's Exists

Up until the other day, there was only one Sonic restaurant in the entire state of Connecticut. And now that a second one has opened, the locals are showing up to see if they like it. But the staff at a nearby McDonald’s decided to turn a problem into an opportunity by standing outside the new Sonic with signs directing hungry diners to the Golden Arches.

Someone at the Sonic captured the scene forever in a photograph and posted it to the Sonic’s Facebook page with the caption:

The Manager of McDonalds in Burrs Corner of Manchester made their employees stand in front of our new store today with signs redirecting our Sonic business to their McDonalds store. This really shocked all of our customers and our new employees! AMAZING! There is enough business to go around! Our hearts went out to the 2 MC employees who obviously didn’t want to be there!

Was this a smart move on McDonald’s part or did it make them look desperate?

Thanks to Jim for the tip!

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