Despite Blu-ray Price Cuts, Video Disc Sales Are Dwindling

Home entertainment studios seem to have gotten over the whole “let’s try and charge $30 for all new Blu-ray movies” thing, with prices generally closer to the $20 range. But general price cuts still haven’t sparked the Blu-ray bonanza Hollywood was hoping for.

The NPD Group, which tracks such things, says that as of last March, only 116 million Americans were buying DVD or Blu-ray discs, down nearly 10 percent from the 128 million who did so in 2009. Entertainment Analyst Ross Crupnick called those sales “disappointing” and blamed the dip on “fewer hot titles [coming] out of the theatres in time for first quarter release.”

To me, though, Blu-ray buyers seem to be a niche market of collectors rather than casual movie fans, since so many high-definition movies are available on streaming services.

If you buy Blu-rays, what spurs you to make a purchase rather than wait for the movie to pop up on Netflix?

Note: This post has been edited to address errors in the source material.

Report: Blu-ray Sales Falling Short Of Expectations Even As Prices Decline [Deadline]

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