GM CEO Thinks $1 Increase In Gas Price Would Do Us All Some Good

General Motors CEO Dan Akerson believes in educating the consumer. That’s why, rather than GM being compelled by Washington to make more fuel efficient cars that might cost us more to purchase, he thinks the drivers of America need to learn a lesson in frugality by being forced to pay more money at the pump.

In an interview with the Detroit News, Akerson says he believes that increasing the federal gas tax by $.50 to $1 per gallon would be good for all parties.

Talking about proposed regulations that would require automakers to significantly increase the fuel efficiency of their cars over the next 15 years, Akerson says, “You know what I’d rather have them do — this will make my Republican friends puke — as gas is going to go down here now, we ought to just slap a 50-cent or a dollar tax on a gallon of gas… People will start buying more Cruzes and they will start buying less Suburbans.”

The current federal gas tax is around $.18 per gallon.

GM’s Akerson pushing for higher gas taxes [Detroit News]

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