Reports: "Vita" And "Nintendo" Could Be Names Of New Game Machines

Every year before the E3 video game summit launches, announcements that were meant to be held back for press conferences slip into news reports. This year’s event, which officially kicks off Tuesday but really starts today with a slew of press events, is expected to showcase at least two new game machines: Sony’s PSP followup, code-named Next Generation Portable, and Nintendo’s high-def successor to the Wii, code-named Project Cafe.

A pair of game site reports say that the Sony portable, scheduled to hit shelves by the end of the year, will be called the Vita and the Nintendo console, due out next year, is simply dubbed Nintendo. While a name doesn’t necessarily make a gadget, there’s little doubt that a catchy, effective title will help with marketing purposes.

What do you make of these rumored monikers? Is Vita too obscure? Is Nintendo too generic? And what factors will make you determine whether either is worth buying?

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