Will The Hypothetical Amazon Tablet Slay The iPad?

The Amazon tablet doesn’t even exist yet and already some are saying it could be the one to take Apple’s iPad down a notch, in the form of actual competition. So how could something that hasn’t been announced take on the Goliath that is the iPad?

Forbes looks into the potential David that is Amazon and the slingshot that could be their intangible tablet, citing market research from a CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets report. What all those words boil down to is this: Everyone else is trying to do what Apple has done and they probably won’t come close, but Amazon has a fighting chance.

If the tablet were to exist, which Chief Executive Jeff Bezos has hinted at by telling the public at a Consumer Reports event to “stay tuned,” it could take on the iPad for a few reasons, some of which include: Amazon already has 137 million user accounts — pretty close to Apple’s 200 iTunes; They’ve got a huge arsenal of media content, as they already sell music, movies and TV, and have a successful payment system in place and affordability, a tactic which has already succeeded with the Kindle.

For these reasons, and more, the unborn Amazon tablet could be in the running to take on iPad. Until it actually hits the market, we won’t know. But it seems a battle is a’brewing.

Tallying Up The Market Advantages Of An Amazon Tablet [Forbes]

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