Report: Car Dealers May Be Selling Chevy Volts To Each Other To Get Tax Credits

The government offers tax credits of up to $7,500 to those who purchase hybrid electric vehicles such as the Chevy Volt. Word that demand for the vehicles has far outstripped supply has led some to speculate that dealers may be selling the cars to each other in order to take advantage of the tax break.

In a National Legal and Policy Center post, a reporter says he’s found Volts with few or no miles on them for sale as used vehicles. If dealerships use titling policies to make themselves the first owner of the vehicles, they can presumably claim the tax credit for themselves, leaving customers out cold.

The reporter called around and was told by one dealer that he wouldn’t be able to receive the credit if he purchased the Volt because the dealership had already applied for the credit on that vehicle.

Are GM Dealerships Gaming Chevy Volt Tax Credit? [National Legal and Policy Center via Autoblog]
(Thanks, Chun!)

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