Next Call Of Duty Will Ask Gamers To Pay Monthly Fee

The publisher of the Call of Duty video game series is attempting to cash in on its massive popularity by rolling out a new service later this year, tied to upcoming game Modern Warfare 3, that will ask players to respond to the call for a monthly fee. The long-rumored service, dubbed Call of Duty Elite, won’t restrict non-payers from online competition, and instead will take the PlayStation Plus route of appearing to offer additional content rather than holding existing benefits hostage.

The Wall Street Journal reports publisher Activision Blizzard will likely charge less than $8 a month for stuff such as downloadable map packs and statistical analysis.

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick says the subscription fee is a necessity because the customer service infrastructure for the service requires an “enormous investment.”

Other publishers are no doubt salivating over the potential to charge monthly fees for popular console games, turning them into World of Warcraft-like cash machines. If you play Call of Duty, what does Elite need to offer to get you to enlist?

‘Call of Duty’ Sets Sights on a Fee [The Wall Street Journal via Joystiq]

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