Gizmo Eliminates Supermarket Checkout Lines, Lets Shoppers Scan Their Own Stuff

In the future, there might be no checkout clerks at the supermarket. WSJ reports on how a device at Stop & Shops and Giant supermarkets in the northeast is eliminating checkout lanes and increasing store sales. It’s a “ScanIt!” and it’s a handheld device that shoppers use to scan their own groceries as they put them in their shopping cart. When they want to pay, they just plug it into self checkout station at the end and settle the bill.

The devices also can send strategically targeted coupons to the shopper while they’re still shopping. For instance, after you scan coffee it pops up with a coupon for creamer. Stores say the shoppers who use the devices end up spending 10% more.

And if you’re thinking the devices could lead to shoplifting, don’t worry. The stores say they check receipts at the door. Better yet, the losses from shoplifting are less than the losses incurred from clerks ringing up prices incorrectly. Here’s a video showing how it works:

Check Out the Future of Shopping [WSJ]

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