5 Awesome Crowd-Free Summer Bargain Trips

NYT exposes some gems you might not think of first when planning a summer getaway, which is exactly why they’re on sale. But if you can put up with or get over the reason why most people skip them, you can have a great time for less, and with fewer people around.

1. Aruba
2. Las Vegas,
3. Winter Park, CO
4. St. Petersburg, FL
5. New Orleans

Personally, the most enticing is Aruba, which besides being exotic, offers 30-40% off normal prices during the summer. For instance, one resort can be had for $189 a night vs $329 in the winter. Worried about the heat this time of year so close to the equator? Don’t be, year-round winds will keep you cool.

Bargain Summer Trips Free From Crowds [NYT]

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