Time Warner Plans Flixster-Based Cloud Service That Lets You Upload Your DVDs

When cable company execs unwind at home, probably in front of Netflix-streamed videos like most everyone else, they no doubt daydream about ways to seize some of Netflix’s market share-gobbling momentum. After all, it seems the old “overcharge for hundreds of channels no one really wants so they can get the few that they do” plan is losing steam. An idea cooked up by Time Warner Cable, though, seems so promising it must be too good to be true.

Deadline reports a TWC exec said the company plans to use newly-bought social movie site Flixster to allow customers to upload their DVD collections to cloud storage, letting them access the films from various devices.

The details are fuzzy, but the service sounds something like what Amazon currently offers for music files. There’s no word on what might stop someone from renting movies and uploading them to the cloud, allowing them to virtually own movies they didn’t fully pay for. The executive said the company will release more specifics “soon.”

What possible hitches and advantages do you see in the TWC idea?

Upload DVDs To Flixster? That’s Time Warner’s ‘Very Big Idea,’ Exec Says [Deadline]

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