Best Buy Store Flat Out Says They're Not Gonna Price Match Their Website

There’s no more pussyfooting around the bush. Reader Daniel snapped a picture of this sign on the front door of his local Best Buy of a sign that just comes right out and says, hey, if you want the price shown on the Best Buy website, we’ll be happy to sell you a computer that will connect to so you can order it there and have it shipped to your house or held for in-store pickup. Ok, it doesn’t really say all that, but it does say that they’re not going to bother honoring the prices shown on the website within the store at all.

After complaints, setting up a special intranet so people looking up prices inside the store won’t see the real price, an investigation from the Connecticut Attorney General, and even a lawsuit, this one store has just decided being upfront is the best policy after all.

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