The Candwich Is Finally On Sale

Since I first wrote about this in July, 2010, I doubted that the Candwich, the sandwich in a can, would ever make it to market, but now I am forced to eat my words.

The dang thing is now on sale. You can order online and get a 4-pack for $12, which includes shipping. What will you get? Inside a pop-top tube you will find a small hoagie roll, a packet of peanut butter, a packet of jelly, a plastic knife and a handi-wipe.

Yes, me too, ever since I saw the proof-of-concept demonstration, I have been disappointed that the sandwich does not come ready-made.

So how does it taste? A review over at I Hate My Messageboard says, “Even though all the ingredients on their own were cloying, foul, waxy and in all ways substandard, put together they weren’t half bad. It did have a very weird aftertaste that to me tasted disconcertingly like wax-dipped cloves…”

Not exactly glowing. Of course I’ll have to eat my words again after the nuclear zombie apocalypse and one of the few un-irradiated foods are these sandwiches in can, but until then, this is one pop I can pass on.

Candwich [Mark One Foods]
The Candwich is Finally Here Y’all! [I Hate My Messageboard] (Thanks to Tracy!)

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