Do Not Pocket-Dial 911 If There Are Outstanding Warrants For Your Arrest

Today’s lesson: If you’re wanted for any kind of crime — or even if you just want to be a good, considerate citizen — find a way to make sure your phone doesn’t pocket-dial 911.

Otherwise, you may end up like James Green of Bangor, ME, who was arrested this weekend on outstanding warrants after his phone courteously called local police and helped them track him down.

According to the Bangor Daily news:

Shortly before his arrest, James W. Green, 29, had been using a backpack leaf blower that somehow was causing his cell phone to dial the emergency number, Bangor police Lt. Jeff Millard said Monday, citing a police report. …

Police were able to pinpoint the Florida Avenue location from which calls were coming by triangulating the signals from Green’s cell phone, Millard said. When officers arrived, they determined that Green was wanted on two active warrants for failure to pay fines.

Officials say that “numerous calls” were made without Green’s knowledge, No word yet on whether the unnamed manufacturer of Green’s device sees an opportunity to promote its ability to reach emergency services no matter what.

Bangor man arrested on outstanding warrants after accidentally … [Bangor Daily News]

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