Lame Settlement Reached In Kinoki Foot Pad Class Action Lawsuit

If you purchased Kinoki Foot Pads and were totally shocked when they didn’t “suck out” toxins from your body, have heart. Thanks to a recent class action settlement, you can get ten bucks in cash if you can show your receipts. You can also instead opt for twenty bucks worth of gift products from the same maker for each box of Kinoki Foot Pads you purchased. That sounds like a better deal to me, especially considering one of the alternate products is the “Criss Angel Money Printer.”

Hmm, I’m beginning to get an idea for a crafty arbitrage scheme where you print money, use it to buy more Kinoki Foot Pads, and then exchange those in for more money printers. That’s what I think Kim Jong-Il is doing.

And if you like hearing how awesome infomercial products work and don’t work, be sure to tune in tonight to ABC’s 20/20 for a Consumer Reports special on these wonders of innovation.

Priscilla Hojiwala, et al. vs. Idea Village Products Corp., et al. [] (Thanks to GitEmSteveDave!)

Gee Whiz, It Turns Out That Kinoki Foot Pads Are Not A Good Deal

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