Facebook Is Number One Tool For Divorce Lawyers

The days of finding lipstick on a shirt collar are over. All you need now is to look on a cheating spouse’s Facebook wall, as one man in a 20-year long marriage learned.

KOMO has the sad story of a man whose wife reconnected with an old flame on Facebook. At first it was innocent. But then things escalated and he found her addicted to checking Facebook, behaving secretively about her online activity, and snapping her laptop closed when he asked her what she was doing. When he got access to her cellphone, he found a stream of steamy cellphone messages from her old college bonk-buddy.

One divorce attorney says that the first place she goes to when starting a case is all the various social networking sites, Facebook being the primary one.

The information gleaned there can be useful when trying to negotiate a better settlement for their clients. Like a screenshot of a series of flirty wall posts.

When you’re in a committed relationship, it’s important to convey your boundaries online. One couple that wrote the book, “Facebook And Your Marriage” suggests making sure to set your relationship status to reflect that, letting one another know when old pals pop out of the woodwork with friend requests, and even sharing your Facebook user names and passwords with each other. Transparency is trust, right?

Seattle man: Facebook cost me my 20-year marriage [KOMONews]

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