Netflix Will Start Streaming Miramax Films In June

Netflix has been so effective at nailing down deals with movie distributors that it’s easy to become surprised/enraged when you get a hankering to watch a movie and find it isn’t available on instant streaming. Now the company has added Miramax movies to its virtual film brothel, completing the deal rumored in March. This means several films by Quentin Tarantino, Kevin Smith and Robert Rodriguez will be streamable.

The Netflix Blog names some of the films locked into the multi-year deal:

“Bad Santa,” “Chasing Amy,” “Cinema Paradiso,” “Clerks,” “Cold Mountain,” “The English Patient,” “From Dusk Till Dawn,” “Good Will Hunting,” “Kill Bill Volumes” I and II, “Muriel’s Wedding,” “The Piano,” “Pulp Fiction,” “Reindeer Games,” “Shakespeare in Love,” and many of the “Halloween,” “Scary Movie,” “Scream” and “Spy Kids” movies.

Which movie or set of movies are you irritated that Netflix hasn’t managed to stream yet?

Miramax Content Deal [The Netflix Blog via Engadget]

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