Trader Joe's, Grey Poupon Top Consumer Reports' Dijon Mustard Ratings

The trained tasters over at Consumer Reports have turned their tongues to mustards — both yellow and Dijon — and found that, while Grey Poupon’s snob appeal may have some justification, its low-cost rival from Trader Joe’s is just as good.

Consumer Reports tested five yellow mustards and six Dijons:

To get ready, our tasters spent a week training their palates to distinguish between pungency and spiciness. Then they sampled each mustard plain and on a ham sandwich.

The results? Two of the yellow mustards and five of the Dijons were very good, although none were excellent. Which one you buy depends on your personal preferences–Gulden’s yellow was more complex than the others and French’s had a bit of heat. Grey Poupon’s Dijon was creamy and pungent and the Maille was more mild.

Consumer Reports picked Dijons from Trader Joe’s and Walmart — each of which runs for about two cents per teaspoon — as “Best Buys,” an honor not shared by Grey Poupon, with its Rolls Royce pricing of seven cents per teaspoon.

Hot dog! Consumer Reports has mustard Ratings [Consumer Reports]

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