Crazy Cat People Find Even Nuttier Obsession In Cat Hair Jewelry

We love cats. Really! But when it comes to making jewelry out of balls made from shed or brushed cat fur? Well… to each her own! In case you do want a little hairy number like a cat hair ball ring or necklace, Kate Benjamin is the cat lady for you.

The blogger and designer of cat toys and products wanted to shed the unfashionable image of the cat lady, reports the New York Daily News, which is why she teamed up with a jeweler and started making wearable pieces out of hair she brushed from her cats. Makes sense.

To be sure, the hair balls aren’t actual nasty, yakked up hairballs, but they are beads made by rolling hair between her hands.

There are limits to the hairball jewelry, as Benjamin admits she wouldn’t want to wear hair from a strange kitty.

“I’m not sure if I would want to wear jewelry made from the fur on someone else’s cats, it’s kind of personal,” she said.

Yes, because that would be weird.

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*Thanks, Wayne!