Why Is Coors Light Advertising During This Children's Song?

Reader Jonnie was looking for YouTube videos to help his son remember his multiplication tables. He found one for 8’s, but was taken aback by what he had to watch first before he could watch it. It was an ad for Coors Light beer. That is some pretty dumb media buying right there.

“Coors wouldn’t advertise during Saturday morning cartoons or on Nickelodeon,” wrote Jonnie. “I understand Youtube needs revenue, but why would they promote beer on a video that is obviously aimed at children?”

The answer is that YouTube’s algorithms aren’t smart enough to exclude this children’s educational video. If the uploader had included some more descriptive tags or in the description mentioned the target audience of children, then maybe the ad wouldn’t have showed up.

Either that, or Coors figures that people who consume its products on a regular basis need help with their times tables.

And in case any of you need help with your 8’s, here’s the video Jonnie saw:

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