Toy Story 3 Bowling Set Recalled Because Kids Apparently Aren't Supposed To Play With Lead Paint Anymore

Considering the menagerie of toys that come to life in Pixar’s Toy Story movies — and considering the number of toys out there that are slathered in lead paint — it’s surprising that not one of them has exhibited any definitive symptoms of lead poisoning (well, maybe those three-eyed alien things). But that hasn’t stopped the makers of a Toy Story 3 bowling set from using lead paint.

The product, officially called Toy Story 3 Bowling Game, is being recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission because “the red paint used on some bowling pins has been measured to be in excess of the maximum allowable level of 90 ppm, a violation of the federal lead paint standard.”

According to the CPSC, this recall only affects the bowling sets with a batch marking of “JA 148.” The batch marking appears on the bottom front of the packaging just above the bar code, and is also located on the tag attached to the rug.

The set was sold at Walmart in September 2010 and retailed for around $18.

If you happen to have a recalled bowling set, contact the manufacturer — G.A. Gertmenian and Sons LLC — at (888) 224-4181 between 9:00 am and 5:30 pm PT Monday through Friday or via e-mail at for info on how to get a replacement set, one that doesn’t have lead paint.

G.A. Gertmenian and Sons Recalls Toy Story 3 Bowling Game Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard [CPSC]

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