Woman Sues Strip Club For Discrimination For Charging Female Customers Double

In February, a woman says she took her husband to a strip club in Maryland to celebrate. But when they got to the door, they were told that she would have to pay double her husband’s $10 cover charge. Now that woman has slapped the bar with a $200,000 discrimination suit.

“There is no possible way that a judge will rule in their favor based on these facts and under the laws of Maryland and Prince George’s County,” said the woman’s lawyer.

From the Washington Examiner:

The lawsuit cites two cases in Maryland. In 1995, Tully’s restaurant in Baltimore was ordered to end its ladies’ night promotion that charged men full prices for drinks and women half price. In 1986, a Prince George’s County delicatessen changed its ladies’ night after a customer complained, and responded with a “Skirt and Gown Night” in which customers who wore dresses or skirts were given half off on meals. A court of special appeals ruled that “Skirt and Gown Night” was discriminatory.

In addition to the $200,000, the suit is demanding an immediate halt to the practice of charging women extra to enter the club.

Not that I’ve ever been to such an establishment, but from what I recall from discussions with my less civilized friends, isn’t it more common for women to get cheaper — if not free — entry into these clubs of the “strip” variety?

Woman sues strip club for charging women more [Washington Examiner]

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