Cafe Press Sends You Free Shirt After You Ordered Wrong Size

Shelley is really happy with Cafe Press! She recently lost a lot of weight and ordered what she thought was the right sized shirt, but when she got it, it didn’t fit. Hey, she’s still getting used to her new thinner size, so cut her some slack. That’s exactly what Cafe Press decided to do.

Shelley was willing to pay the $3 to get the shirt replaced and the shipping and handling because “REALLY wanted the shirt.” She filed an exchange request and awaited her RMA info.

“The next day, a Sunday, I received an email from Cafe Press saying that (1) my new shirt was on the way and (2) I didn’t have to return the original shirt because they didn’t want me to incur any extra shipping charges and they want me to be 100% satisfied with my purchase,” she writes. They weren’t going to charge her for the other shirt either. “I read it three times before I actually believed what it said! Thanks, Cafe Press!”

Pretty sweet!

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