Botnets Rebuild Forces After Rustock Raid

After the Feds and Microsoft in March chopped off the head of the hydra that was the 1-million strong “Rustock” botnet responsible for sending billions of spam, several heads have sprung in its place. PC World notes a Symantec report of a 24% jump in emails containing malicious links and attachments, possibly representing an attempt to regrow the forces of zombie controlled computers and fill the void left by Rustock.

A botnet is a series of computers infected with code that lets them be controlled remotely, often for the sending of spam.

This is why its important to never open files or links emailed to you by people you don’t know, be careful even when you do know the person, and to scan any file you do download before opening it. Make regular virus and malware sweeps of your computer and keep up to date with all the latest security updates.

By the way, what does a botnet look like? Check out this cool interactive map and learn about their elegant architecture and the “Star of C+C.”

Botnets Rebuild After Rustock Takedown [PC World]

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