TV Continues To Cleanse Itself Of Soap Operas

Soap operas were once advertising vehicles for cleaning product manufacturers to promote their goods to homemakers, but their time is now slipping away like sands through the hourglass.

Following Procter & Gamble’s decision to ditch soap opera production in favor of social media efforts, pulling the plug on Guiding Light and As the World Turns, ABC has canceled One Life to Live and All My Children. The Wrap reports there are now just four English-language soaps left on the air.

ABC is turning toward lifestyle shows dubbed The Chew and The Revolution.

A Disney ABC/Television Group exec says:

“While we are excited about our new shows and the shift in our business, I can’t help but recognize how bittersweet the change is. We are taking this bold step to expand our business because viewers are looking for different types of programming these days.”

When was the last time you watched a soap opera, and what sort of daytime TV interests you these days?

ABC cancels ‘One Life to Live,’ ‘All My Children’ [The Wrap via MSN]

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