Report: Nintendo Will Drop Wii Price To $150

In a bid to halt months of slumping Wii sales, and possibly signaling a sooner-rather-than-later announcement of a successor, Nintendo will reportedly cut the console’s price from $200 to $150 on May 15. The new price would be a 40 percent reduction of its original $250 price tag.

Engadget reports the info comes from “trusted sources” but is still skeptical Nintendo would announce the price cut before June’s Electronics Entertainment Expo, known as E3.

If you own a Wii, do you still play it? If you’ve long thought about buying one but held off, would the price cut convince you to try your hand at the diminutive game machine that was all the rage at the end of the last decade?

Nintendo cutting Wii price to $150 on May 15th? [Engadget]

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