Judge Unlocks NFL, But League Will Push To Quickly Lock Back Down

The NFL’s ugly labor dispute took a promising turn for fans hoping they don’t miss football this year on Monday, when a U.S. District judge ended the owners’ lockout.

The AP reports the judge’s lockout-suspending injunction could be a short-lived victory for football fans. The NFL filed an appeal, asking for an expedited stay, which would allow the owners to continue their lockout as they argue their case. In a statement, the NFL said “federal law bars injunctions in labor disputes.”

If the NFL can’t get its stay and is forced to let players return to work, the league could operate under the terms of last year’s expired collective bargaining agreement, proceeding in the manner of business as usual as players and owners bicker in court and at the bargaining table.

Which federal judges, legal counsel and mediators do you have on your fantasy team?

Federal judge rules for players, grants injunction to lift NFL lockout [AP via Sports Illustrated]

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